The Environment and Sustainability

Environmentally Sustainable Childcare

We harness the enjoyment of being outdoors and provide children with a healthy understanding of keeping safe and taking challenges. 

Within early childhood education, we believe in a more environmentally sustainable and socially just world where people live healthy, enjoyable lives in thriving environments. Children are not only encouraged to make healthy choices, but learn how these choices affect their body and the environment. 

What young children experience and learn today can influence how future generations live. Humanity will continue to be challenged by numerous inter-connected environmental, social and economic issues.



Sustainability in early childhood to us means a way of thinking and being towards our environment. It covers many different aspects from gardening to recycling as well as the things we use daily in our environments like introducing natural fibres. In our own nursery kitchen, for example, we reduce food waste by adjusting the nursery menu where needed, and serving seasonal fruits and vegetables.

We encourage the children to participate in the cultivation and enjoyment of plants. We believe that planting, growing and looking after their own garden crops is a fundamental life skill which will have numerous benefits contributing to healthy choices and social/economic responsibility.

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