Our Ethos & Values

Nursery Ethos and Values

Our Ethos: Play, Learn and Grow Together

Everyone at Dorset Hall Nursery and Dorset Hall Nursery Parkside recognises the importance of creativity, individuality, responsibility and a sense of community.

We foster a love of learning through exploration, fun and challenge in a safe place where all children are welcomed and valued and supported to achieve their best from their unique starting point.

We strive to develop positive partnerships with parents, other professionals and agencies to best meet the needs of our children.

Our Nursery Values

  • To develop and maintain the best possible Early Years provision for children in the Downhills Park and surrounding areas
  • To be inclusive and welcoming to everyone, developing and nurturing individual talents and a sense of belonging
  • To encourage all children to reach their full potential through having high expectations for every child
  • To be involved in the life of the community, supporting children and their families through strong links with external and local agencies and in partnership with parents and feeder schools and settings
  • To be reflective and flexible in order to adapt to new opportunities and challenges as the educational landscape changes
Our Nursery Values

Our Nursery Group Values

These are some of the values that we want to develop at Dorset Hall Nursery and Dorset Hall Nursery Parkside:

  • Being honest.
  • Appreciating and caring for what we have, including the environment.
  • Being kind and helping others.
  • Sharing and taking turns.
  • Being considerate to others; using good manners.
  • Including others and being friendly.
  • Keeping on trying.
  • Being confident and open.
  • Taking responsibility for own actions.
  • Understanding that sometimes we are different and sometimes we are the same, including in our opinions.
Social & Cultural Development

Social & Cultural Development

As you can see from those values we have listed above, at our Nursery we incorporate, social & cultural development throughout our provision.

Dorset Hall Nursery provides a solid foundation to encourage children’s understanding and acceptance that we live in diverse communities with many different cultures and lifestyles. Our nursery is inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

We encourage respect for other people and avoid presenting stereo-typical views of families.  We ensure that all children and families are listened to, whatever their communication level or style. 

We strive to develop positive partnerships with parents and carers and seek their views through a variety of means, including our Parent Committee, parent questionnaires, informal discussions and feedback sessions.

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